Inaugurated on November 21st of 2016, the Oscar Freire Clinic of dentistry (CRO/SP 17.783) has defined as their mayor objective to attend the patients in a different format from everything that others offices do, taking care of all the details so that every appointment goes beyond from just being an attendance, being capable to proportionate a unique experience to each patient.

We are still growing constantly, we value the upgrades to work always with the best that the market can offer, from the concepts of techniques to materials and Laboratories associated. We comply with all of the specialties, giving a better convenience to our patients. Our mission is to take the best to a large number of patients, following always a pattern of excellence. 

Welcome to Oscar Freire Clinic of dentistry.

By Paulo Sérgio Gomes da Silva.



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Dr. Paulo Sérgio Gomes

CRO/SP 102.187

Dr. Cézar Pereira Berne

CRO/SP 88.431

Dr. Juliano Slongo

CRO/SP 105.922

Dra. Teresa Ribeiro

CRO/SP 36.892






Rua Oscar Freire, n˚ 2250 - Cj. 20 Garden

Pinheiros, São Paulo/SP. Brazil - CEP 05.409-011

Contact us

Phone Number: +55 (11) 3064-4781 | WhatsApp: +55 (11) 98862-2861

E-mail: contato@oscarfreireodontologia.com

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